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Frugalista’s sick car

by frugalista on February 16, 2009

Good Monday! How are you? I'm better. I had a great start to the weekend. I got a free facial from Aveda, which was heavenly. As I was driving home, I noticed that that my car was making an awful screeching noise. I had had the noise for a while, but the mechanic said he didn't know why my car made the racket. I got it checked out again. BRAKES!!! BOO HISS! The frugalista mobile needed brakes. Of all the things to spend my money on during No-Buy Month. I spent $144 getting a set.

Then, the mechanic told me that my tires were basically bald. Meh. I knew I needed more tires. I just tried to stretch out getting a new set as long as I possible. I had reached the end of the line. I went to a new place for tires. Over the phone, the tire store owner said my tires would cost $318 for everything. While I sat in the office of the tire place, a representative from an auto parts store came in to collect money from the tire store owner.

Tire guy: Why are you here a day early?
Auto parts representative: You are already behind in payments. You need to pay, now!

I felt uncomfortable. I felt bad for the tire store owner. I left the office, but had a sneaking suspicion that the my car tire price was about to jump. Sure enough, my bill went up to $377, including alignment, which is cheaper than what I paid for the last set of tires but more than he and I agreed upon.


The frugalista mobile needed work. I got the work done. I am looking forward to the day that all cities are rigged with adequate public transportation.

How was your weekend? Do you trust the auto industry? Did I get a good price on my tires? I drive a sedan.

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