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CNN video and How I Celebrated My Birthday for FREE!

by frugalista on March 2, 2009

Happy Monday! The CNN segment featuring “The Day in the Life of  The Frugalista” aired Saturday, and I loved it. If you missed it, click here for the video.

Since it aired, many people are asking me for more details on the special day.

Here’s the rundown:

*LIP GLOSS: I got the three free lip glosses from Sephora. All you have to do is sign up for their beauty insider program and you can get the gift. I’ve worn all three lip glosses since last week, and they wear nicely. They are nice to mix with your lipstick or if you want to put on some color while running errands or working out. The colors are so sheer, I think they may work with all skin tones.

*FREE YOGA: I took the yoga class at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, which has free yoga three days a week. Even if you don’t live in Miami, there’s a free yoga movement underway. After all, it’s such a great experience, why not share it with the world?

*FREE PARTY: My birthday party was a group effort. I requested that my guests bring everything such as the cake cutter, birthday cake, fruit salad, water, music and spirits. The gathering, which was small, was more about about the friendship and less about the food/spread. We had about 13 people at my friend’s apartment. I wouldn’t suggest any more if you are doing it on the frugal.  It was a modest, yet lovely affair.

*MY PURPLE DRESS: A lot of people have emailed me personally about the purple dress. Full disclosure: I LOVE PURPLE. I got the silk, cocktail dress in January after held a 70 percent off sale. :)

How can you celebrate your birthday on the cheap?

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