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HIgh school seniors re-thinking 4-year colleges

by frugalista on March 30, 2009

Hello! Due to the bad economy, high school seniors are opting out of four-year colleges and going to community colleges  or considering going to the military to save money.

• Scholarships trump school status.
Roughly 57 percent of college-bound students are considering a less
prestigious institution because of affordability, according to an
October study by MeritAid.com, a scholarship-finding website.

• Delaying college for at least a year isn't out of the question.
Some 16 percent of students are putting college on hold because they
don't think they will be able to afford it, the MeritAid.com research

• The military is, more than ever, a viable option to pay for college.
Terry Howell, managing editor of military.com, a website for the armed
forces, says the number of Google searches for the site's military
aptitude practice test tripled between December 2007 and December 2008.

• Community colleges and trade schools deserve a second look.
Both types of schools are seeing spikes in enrollment from students of
all ages looking for cheaper — and quicker — educations. Community
colleges are reporting unprecedented enrollment increases, according to
the American Association of Community Colleges. Enrollment in technical
schools is at an all-time high, says the Association for Career and
Technical Education.

What do you think about this trend? Do you think it's smart to go to community college instead of a university to save money? Do you think that the students are missing out by not pursuing top-tier education?

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