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More speeding tickets in bad economy

by frugalista on March 5, 2009

Hello!  Did you know that speeding tickets are the new tax? MSN has an article saying that a lot of governments are lining their budgets with money generated from speeding tickets.   The article references a small town in Louisiana that got 87 percent of its revenue from speeding tickets! Yikes! I've noticed a lot more "ticket traps," lately. Speeding tickets are no fun. In Florida, it will cost you about $200. If you don't want to get any points, you have to pay for driving school or hire an attorney to try to beat the citation. The more points on your license the more you have to pay in insurance and that's no fun.

Indeed, our roads need to be safe, but I know that speeding tickets are a municipal money maker.

What do you think about governments lining their coffers with speeding tickets? Do you think people need to stop speeding? Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Did you fight it? Did you win? Tell us how! 😉


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