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Rundown of Frugalista’s expenses

by frugalista on March 3, 2009

Hello! As I wrap up my No-Buy Month experience, I wanted to give you peek inside my wallet. I compared February's expenses to my October bills. November through January, I did traveling or was buying gifts for Christmas, so I don't want to skew the results.

Check it out!

October expenses:

Grocery store: $185.48

Gift for a friend's birthday: $20.96


Clothing: $67.95 at Nordstrom's ( pink suede boots for niece)

Big Box Stores ( Walmart/Target): $102.40

Dining out $115

Total: $531.79

February's expenses:

Grocery stores: $179.27

Farmer's Market: $8

Dining: n/a

Hair: n/a

Clothing: N/A

Total: $187.27

Expenses saved in February:

Got into salsa club for free: Normally a $10 expense to enter club
Free facial: saved $25
Free Yoga: saved $21
Free Grey Goose cosmopolitan happy hour: Had two drinks, saved $21
Three free lip gloss tubes from Sephora: Saved about $15
Two free drinks at wine bar: Street value $14
A friend took me to dinner at an Indian restaurant on my birthday 😉 : $30
Total: $136

*Wild Card expenses
brakes: $145
tires: $377

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