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Affordable moving tips

by frugalista on April 20, 2009

Moving  Hello! A lot of Americans may have to move this year after job changes. I found an article about affordable moving tips here.

From the article:

* If you need to rent a truck or trailer, especially if you only have a few large items that can’t fit into your vehicle, check out your local big box retail hardware store. They often rent trucks and trailers by the hour at a fraction of the cost of renting from a moving company.

* Collect free boxes from friends, family and from local grocery and liquor stores. Save old newspapers to wrap valuables in instead of purchasing expensive rolls of bubble wrap.

* Plug in the refrigerator at your new place a day or two ahead of time. Pack frozen and perishable foods in a cooler with ice packs and unpack that food into your new fridge first. Having your food melt or go bad means an additional, and expensive, trip to the grocery store.

* Pick up change of address forms, free of charge, from the post office. Request a free “welcome kit” from the local chamber of commerce in your new community. These kits contain valuable information and often include money saving coupons for local businesses.

* Pack wisely and avoid filling boxes so much that they’re too heavy for you to lift without help. You’ll get more done with each person carrying their own box. 

Also, The Slick Move Guide, has tips.

What are you affordable moving tips?  How many times have you moved? I've moved over 20. College internships and working as a journalist keeps you on the road.

Thanks, Rick, for the tip!

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