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Want to save money? Don’t touch the merchandise

by frugalista on April 23, 2009

Young-woman-clothes_~dl_k45_0110 I think Time magazine hit a home run with this article.

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, if touch you an item while shopping, you are more likely to buy it. I know for a fact that that's true. If I pick up a dress, inspect it and like it, well, the game is over. I know I'm going to want it in my house. I want the dress to be part of my life. I mean, we touched! Whew. Sorry, I got carried away.  I NEVER try on clothes when I'm shopping. I hate dressing rooms. So I am a sucker for touching and inspecting the clothes on site and making a decision.

So what's a frugalista to do? . Is touching fabric a crime? Am I destined to spend more because I like prowl while shopping? Is it better to stay away from shopping centers?  Are you a toucher? Tell me all about it!

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