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Frugalista busted?

by frugalista on May 7, 2009

434286055_dsc_2923_resize So, I went out last night with one of my really good guy friends. We hit up a "buzz party" for the upcoming American Black Film Festival that's coming in June. The party was at my favorite hotel, The Delano on Miami Beach. So, parking in the garage was one dollar per hour and after 10  p.m. the price doubled.  My friend said let's give it two hours. I didn't really think about the parking that much. I just wanted to have fun.

So the party was lovely. I stayed away from the $17 pinot grigios and focused on catching up with old friends and looking cute in my halter dress. :)

We stayed a little longer than expected and the parking tab ended up being $6, which I think is reasonable. My friend paid but chastised me for being a bad frugalista. Yes, I do hang with a merry band of frugalists. He kept his eye on the clock, but I was having fun. I like a good time, so parking meter be damned.

I mean, gracious! I'm frugal, but I'm not going to go home early over $4 worth of parking.  What do you think? Would you cut your night short over parking? Are you a time-conscious person or do you go with the flow?

Did I mention my friend wore Gucci loafers? I guess by being cheap, er, frugal, is how he could afford such a luxury! 

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