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Frugalista on the move!

by frugalista on May 26, 2009

Hey, Frugalistas! I'm going to be busy little Fruga the next few weeks, so I wanted to invite you to some events if you're around:

On Thursday, I'm a guest on the Public Relations Society of America's panel on  "Bloggers in the New Media." Reading blogs is one way people consume information, so I'll be talking to the public relations professionals about how to pick topics and blogs to pitch their information. Hint: DO NOT SEND LONG NEWS RELEASES. Whew! I'm sorry, I just had a flash back. Anyway, please check me out!

On June 1, I'm a guest on South Florida Today on WTVJ NBC-6. I appeared on NBC-6 in March and the station has asked me back. Yay!  My hit time is 11 a.m.

On June 9, I'm speaking to NBC-6 and Telemundo employees about how to live frugal and fabulous. I'm super excited about this gig because I get to speak directly to journalists and people who make the media work about how to have fun on a Friday night. Reporters need love, too! Spotty economy be damned! I know I'm dramatic. :) 

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