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Samples are a tease!

by frugalista on May 13, 2009

So, it's no secret that the sun is blaring and I live in the tropics, otherwise known as South Florida. Back in February, I got a sample for Philosophy's Hope in a Jar creme with spf 20. I love the stuff. I use it on my face.  It goes on smooth, moisturizes my flesh and protects me from the sun. I exercise outside quite a bit, so I need a sunscreen that spreads on without leaving nasty white stains. 

So, I'm pretty low on the sample, so I figured that I would go to Sephora to buy the real deal. GAH! The jammie is like $18 for a .5 ounce jar. The prices only get better. It's $45 for two ounces. Why me?!!
I really want the sunscreen, but it's too pricey for my budget (right now). I don't want to be a cheapie and hit Sephora up for another freebie. I feel like I've been teased!

I settled for a 3.5 ounce bottle of Burt's Bees suncreen  for $15. Sure, it's natural, but  I feel like I'm rubbing paste on my flesh. Meh. 
When you get a sample, how often do you purchase the product? How many times would you hit up a store for a sample without feeling cheap or guilty? Would you spend $45 on a sunscreen? How often do you splurge? What do you think about my decision to wait to buy it? Do you think I settled? 
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