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Frugalista lands book deal

by frugalista on June 30, 2009

Skypephoto Rejoice! It's been a secret goal of mine to write a book. After I launched The Frugalista Files, a lot of my readers asked me about writing one. Writing a book proposal can be a daunting thing. I'm used to writing short articles, not PAGES of copy. Alas, I got the book proposal done in between blog posts and I am so lucky to have a home for my book: Harlequin!

It's a perfect fit: Harlequin is girly, fun and thriving in this economy! Also, Harelquin has a hot new nonfiction section, too! :) I'm looking forward to sharing the uncut version of my life, behind the blog with you. Managing finances and fabulousity is no small feat! :) 

Thank you for believing in me, reading me, linking me and encouraging me! 
What's your favorite book?
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