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Would you date to save money?

by frugalista on June 4, 2009

Dating Wow! I ran across this blog post on facebook about how in this spotty economy, some women may be more likely to take a date from a guy they have no interest in for  financial reasons. I mean, dinner and drinks can get expensive. Some women are open to the "dating meal plan."  Hmm. If you like the guy, you would probabaly be flattered if he splurged on a nice date, no? It becomes a little prickly when you take the freebies from the guy who you have zero interest in! That's how feelings get hurt and bitter love songs get made.

I think it depends on your dating style. Some women date just to have fun, others to try to meet their soul mate. 

Honestly, it can make a difference in your lifestyle if you date a traditional guy who pays the majority of the time.                                                  
What do you think? Have you ever gone on a "first-of-the-month-date" because money was tight and you wanted entertainment/ a warm meal? Is it tacky?  Do you split the bill when you go on a date?
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