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Do smart girls marry for money?

by frugalista on July 14, 2009

Smartgirls4_CV_20090612130721 Hmm. There's a hot book on the streets, Smart Girls Marry Money.

The Wall Street Journal did a nice blog post about it. Labeled as a satirical self-help book, the authors argue that marriage is an economic partnership and that women earn less than men. Marrying Daddy Warbucks, err,  men who are wealthy can lead to financial empowerment in women.

If you read the interview, one of the authors advocates marrying young because you are more fertile and more attractive to men. Essentially, younger women have more value in the relationship market.

I definitely want to marry a guy who is financially stable, but marrying purely so I can get to the next economic level in life isn't really my style. 

I have noticed that most of my friends who are married acquire trappings much earlier. Mind you, I hang around a bunch of media types who aren't exactly rich, so marriage is an immediate financial upgrade. My friends who are electrical engineers and single, well, they are doing just as well as my married peeps.
I haven't read the book. I am concerned with my own finances right now. I can't worry about the next man's pockets. 
Would you marry for money?
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