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Do the privileged pay?

by frugalista on July 20, 2009

Hbcu 369 (1) So last week was Mercedes-Benz's Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach. I got a call from a dear friend who used to work in the fashion industry to go to the kick off party. Super Yay! I threw on my Tommy Hilfiger halter maxi dress I bought on sale WITH a coupon from Macy's and we hit Miami Beach. 

My friend tossed a name at the front, and we went to the back of The Raleigh Hotel. We drank from the open bar while a DJ spinned some sounds. Yay!  I knew some folks. He knew some folks. We pranced around the aqua pool.

Most clubs require an entrance fee and for you to pay for your drinks. When you get access to these social sorority events, everything is on them. Companies such as Patron are more than happy to give you freebies. My friend and I saved at least $45 because our drinks were free. We did tip, but we always do.  And let's not forget the swag bags at these events. This one gave us bronzer, which I already have, but a girl can never glow enough, right? Also in the bag was a DHL toy truck (go figure), some weight loss supplements and an Aveda shampoo sample. True, the swag bag didn't hold, say, The Hope Diamond, but it had some practical stuff that I could use right away.  

So we drank and partied for free. I got enough bronzer and weight loss snacks to last me until I can afford a trip to St. Tropez. I spent no cash that night! My friend handled parking, which was like $2! :)

So basically, if you are in the right industry or have the right contacts, people essentially pay you just to breathe at their event. Wow! I guess if you work in a "hot" industry, it's your reward for all of your work, right?
It was just interesting to watch how privilege works. I had a great time. 

I loved the crowd, but is it right? Are certain people favored more than others? Do the privileged pay?

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