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Do you buy generic?

by frugalista on July 13, 2009

Aluminum-foil-00 Ok, so I'm a wee bit disappointed. I bought store-brand foil recently. It was $2 cheaper than the Reynolds Wrap I normally use, so I thought I had a frugal success story.

The first few sheets of foil that I pulled from the generic brand were great. I was in Frugalista heaven. And then, for some odd reason, the foil ripped in the wrong places.  I couldn't pull off a full sheet, only slivers. It was of NO use. It was like a product failure. I NEVER had that problem with my Reynolds Wrap. 
 Like seriously, foil needn't be that complicated. 

I'm broiling and baking my food quite a bit these days. I need a foil that will stand by me in my quest to cook healthy. I don't need a foil that's going to act right for a few days and then go crazy on me. That's NOT what I want in my life.

I felt hurt, alone and used. How could my special, cheaper foil betray me? 

I'm on "team affordability." I buy generic organic spinach and chicken. However, some of the cheaper goods are just that — CHEAP.  Saving $2  is not worth having a malfunctioning product.


Anyway, do you buy generic? What do you recommend? Are generics a sham? I used to buy generic yogurt until I realized it had WAY MORE calories than its brand name counterpart!
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