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Guest blog: How to save on bridal flowers

by frugalista on July 17, 2009

The Frugal Florist Promo shot(1) Hey, Frugalistas! Bridal flowers can easily run $700, which is no small number. I have a guest blog today from John Klingel, author of The Frugal Florist: Do-It-Yourself Flowers on a Budget. Klingel is rapping at us today about how to keep your wedding beautiful and affordable. Klingel is doing a $25 workshop  at 2 p.m. on Saturday at Field of Flowers, 5101 S. University Dr., 
Davie, Fla. Call (954) 680-6888 for more information about the workshop. He may be reached at



1.     Get double-duty out of your arrangements, ask a friend or family member to transport ceremony arrangements to the reception, but get them there before the guests arrive.

2.    Labor is always the biggest factor in any job, save the simple things, like sprinkling rose petals on table tops, for friends and family to do. 

3.   Use flowers that are in season.  Most flowers are available year-round because they are grown somewhere in the world but shipping costs can be horrendous.
Do you have any other tips for how to save on bridal flowers? If you are married, how much did you spend on your flowers?
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