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Frugalista is a Wi-Fi abuser!

by frugalista on August 17, 2009

Ashamed Ok, please don't tell anyone I did this. So, I have a hard time writing from home and I am working on a book. The beige walls in my abode can be sooo, hmm, beige. I need to switch up my environment.   I find myself going to different restaurants/book stores/hotels for the free-ish Wi-Fi.  Normally, when I'm at Starbucks or Panera Bread, I at least purchase a drink. 

Well, last night, I went to a Starbucks where the free Wi-Fi didn't work. As I sipped my green tea latte, I became more and more frustrated as the world turned quickly.  I spent at least 5 hours (OK, more like 20 minutes) trying to log on to that darn Wi-Fi at Starbucks. Fuming, I packed my laptop in my canvas tote and headed to Panera. When I hit Panera, there was a line. A long one. On a Sunday. I hate lines. I mean, really people. After 12 hours of waiting in line (Ok, I exaggerate), I did something I NEVER do. I logged on right there in Panera and didn't buy ANYTHING.

Every time a worker walked near my table, I started sweating. As I stealthily typed on my computer, I felt a little bit guilty for "sticking it to the man." But seriously, the line shouldn't have been long. Didn't they know I had a manuscript to write? What about MY deadlines? How dare they serve other customers! Writers need service, too!


Using up the free Wi-Fi at Panera without at least purchasing something from the establishment was not my shining moment. But, I did it. I am a Wi-Fi abuser. I pray Panera doesn't put my mug up on the wall next to the soup menu. Broccoli cheese soup and Frugalista ON A PLATTER! 

Am I shady? Have you done anything like that before? Are we still friends? 
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