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Jobless grad sues college because she can’t find a job

by frugalista on August 25, 2009

A college graduate is suing her alma mater for tuition because she can't find work. Trina Thompson is suing Monroe College in New York for $70,000, the amount she spent on her education, according to the New York Post. She graduated in April.

I'm not so sure about this woman's plight. A college degree is supposed to give you access to more opportunities, but I'm not sure it's a guarantee of work. I mean, Thompson and every other over-educated worker are looking for a desk job. I'm not sure why her Monroe College degree is supposed to be magic.  Quite honestly, an undergraduate college degree in many quarters is like having a high school diploma. 

Am I being a grouch? Do you think college is a rip off? Do you think the lawsuit will black ball Trina in the job market?

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