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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

by frugalista on August 12, 2009

Real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-2-01_0_0 So my guilty pleasure is The Real Houswives of Atlanta reality series on Bravo.  Last season, I blogged about the finances of the cast of this larger- than-life show. I'm going to do another The Real Housewives of Atlanta round up post because I just can't get enough!

Here are the financial updates:

Lisa Wu-Hartwell: I teased last year that Lisa was forever working her husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell, to death on her many business ventures. When Ed got picked up briefly by the Oakland Raiders last season, Lisa didn't seem happy because she would have to run the family real estate and jewelry business alone. I mean, what employer likes losing the help? Anyhow, it seems like Ed's time away from the businesses was bad for the home economy. TMZ reported that the Hartwells lost their home, last week. Yikes. Ed bought the home in 2007 for about $2.9 million but the bank could only sell it for $1.9 million. Lisa told People Magazine that she and her husband tried to restructure the loan, but were denied so they walked away from the home. Reports say that Lisa has another home she's living on with 10 acres. I'm sure having that on their credit won't be good, but a lot of people are walking away from their homes if they are underwater.

Sheree Whitfield: Sheree said this season that she had no idea that her former NFL player hubby wasn't paying the mortgage on her mansion. Sheree said she got notice that the family home was in foreclosure and she had 30 days to get out of the home. Her home this season looks lovely, but it isn't as large as the one she once had with her ex husband. Also, she won a big divorce settlement after a long and bitter divorce, but Sheree says that she had yet to get the money. Sheree is known for having lots of personal assistants and a personal shoe stylist. Well, this season we see her doing her own laundry. Times have changed and it's smart for Sheree to downsize her lifestyle. She is an aspiring fashion designer.

Nene Leakes: Nene moved into a new home this season and is looking for help decorating her spread. There were reports that her family was evicted from the rental they lived in last year, but she denied it. Like Lisa, she says the family chose to move. Last season, Nene appeared to spoil her sons. I mean, her oldest son got fitted for a $6,000 tailored suit. I haven't seen much wild spending by Nene so far this season. Nene just released a book yesterday, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. Congrats! Book advances are a form of income. heehee!

Kim Zolciak: Kim was sponsored last year by Big Poppa, a married man who kept her in the finest designer clothing. He even bought her an Escalade. However, this season shows us that Kim and Big Poppa are splitsville. Several times throughout this season, Kim has mentioned needing to work more because she doesn't have Big Poppa bankrolling her. She even is thinking about starting a wig line to earn some income. Good luck, Kim. 

Kandi Burruss: Kandi is an accomplished music writer who is new this season to the Housewives franchise. She replaces DeShawn Snow, the wife of a former NBA player, who seemed really finanically stable. Kandi says that she always watches her money, lives in the same home she's had for years and invests in property. Kandi says she thinks "long term" about her finances. Could Kandi be a Frugalista? Time will tell. She is engaged to a man with six children by four different women! Hmmm. Becoming a stepmother of six children could put a dent on the finances, no? I pray she keeps writing those hit records! College tuition for seven (Kandi has a daughter) is quite a feat.
So, who is your favorite housewife? Do you think that Kandi should marry a man with six kids by four different women? Do you think Lisa really couldn't afford her home or she just got tired of investing money on a property that wasn't worth as much anymore?  Will you buy Nene's book? Do you think they are good with their finances? Foreclosures, evictions or not, they all stay in fabulous homes. Is it better to get evicted from a fabulous home than to pay to live a modest one? I'm joking with that last question.
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