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What do you do when unemployment runs out?

by frugalista on August 3, 2009

Unemployment The New York Times had a chilling article about how the emergency extended unemployment benefits granted by Congress are now running out for many, For every job that becomes available, six people are looking.

So what do you do when the extended unemployment runs out? It most certainly doesn't last forever. About.com wrote some nice tips about how to regroup while still looking for work.

Here are some of my tips:

*Check out your local food bank: I find food to be among my most pricey expenses. Now, is not a time for pride. It's time for survival. Feeding America is a good place to start.

*Focus on getting a check: Maybe you told your friends that you are looking for a job/career. Now, it's time to look for odd jobs to give you cash on hand. Babysitting and handy work come to mind. Of course, keep looking for work, but if you can get some small jobs that pay cash quickly, that will go a long way.

*Increase your social media game. Facebook, twitter and linkedin are free to join. Post a profile on those sites and let people in your networks know that you are looking for work.

*Garage sale: If you haven't sold anything yet, you may want to give a garage sale a try. Try to sell all the clothes that don't fit you anymore. 

*Ask your old employer if they have any freelance work available. For instance, several newspapers have laid off workers but they are looking for freelancers, who are cheaper, to do some of the work left behind.

*If you belong to a church, consider asking for work or money from the clergy there.

*If you can move in with a friend or family member, it may be time to consider that as a last resort.

*Don't give up hope. Things will turn around. They have to. They must. 

Do you have any tips for people who are losing unemployment benefits and haven't found work? Are you unemployed? How are you coping?

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