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Frugal investments

by frugalista on September 29, 2009

Ok, so the other day, I put on my favorite, red silk skirt. It's my tried-and-true show stopper. I've had it about four years. I just knew I'd get lots of compliments on it. As I sauntered on the streets on South Florida, I noticed something: THE HEM WAS GONE. Gah!

The other day, I put on my favorite strappy heels. I noticed something else: THE HEEL LOOKED LIKE A GERBIL GNAWED ON IT.

I normally get my eyebrows waxed and then do in-between maintenance at home. Well, I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and the stray-hair plucking went by the wayside. Let's just say Groucho has NOTHING on me these days. I need to book an appointment. Like yesterday.

Being frugal is an awesome way to live. It allows you to spend money on what really matters to you and not fritter away your cash. However,  roaming about the countryside (ok, urban streets) without your basic fly girl grooming needs being met is not hot. 

What's the point of saving money by wearing something from your closet if the clothes or shoes don't look up to standard?  Seamstresses, cobblers and professional eye waxers may be your friend. I know how to sew on a button, but I don't trust myself to restore my skirt's hem. Such is life. 

Please take this as a public service announcement. Keep up the fab. I learned the hard way!

Have you made a frugal investment lately?

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