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Little black dress experiment

by frugalista on September 21, 2009


Valerie Elizabeth vowed to go a month wearing the same little black dress, showing off different looks you can make with the same item. OMG, she did a FANTASTIC job. True, she's a Dallas stylist so she's a pro at it, but I was definitely inspired by the unique looks she created for 31 days.

The Today Show website has a slide show of her different looks for each day. One thing I noticed was that she makes great use of scarves and shawls, almost using them like a jacket. Also, she is awesome at finding funky accessories, taking the focus off the "little black dress." Also, she threw leggings or pants on underneath the dress a few times, turning it into a shirt.

I'm a big fan of "closet shopping," making use of what you own and being creative about making it look new. Valerie Elizabeth is the QUEEN! 

What do you think about the experiment? Do you think that she did a good job? What look did you like? Is it just a gimmick? Do you think she was able to create the looks because she spent a lot of money on accessories?

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