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Eating for two on $30 a week

by frugalista on October 13, 2009

Oh my! My twitter peeps, aka, my tweeples, have been buzzing about this blog, Thirty Bucks a Week. A Brooklyn couple is spending $30 total per week on food. Let's just say that the lovebirds even create NEW soups out of the soups they've already made. They are a member of a food cooperative which makes it much easier on them. A few bloggers, such as The Broke Socialite and Running with Tweezers, are doing the challenge.  

I noticed that the couple, Tina and Phil, use lots of lentils, soups and vegetables. The photos of the food look pretty yummy.  

When I launched The Frugalista Files in 2008, I didn't know how to cook. We'll, I've worked on that quite a bit, but I never have opted for a $15 per week budget. I'm not sure I'm going to join the challenge, but I will get some recipe tips.

Could you eat on $15 per week? What is your food budget? What is your favorite, least expensive meal? Would you take the challenge? I think No-Buy Month is plenty for me!

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