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Affordable Christmas Gifts

by frugalista on December 16, 2009

giftI got this question from a member of my facebook group:

Q: I’ve been invited to what should be a great holiday party and the host is asking the guests to bring a dish, a drink (can be non-alcoholic, which mine will be!), AND a gift of $20-$30! I don’t know what to do about the gift. I was going to be like “Whoops! I forgot!” but she just sent an email specifically reminding us to bring a gift $20-$30. I tried looking for a great gift at Marshalls & TJMaxx for $10, but didn’t find anything. And I’m not very crafty. What shall I do???

A: I’m a little astounded that this “party host” is hitting up her guests so hard to make HER party SO fabulous on everyone else’s dime. Drinks, dish and an up to $30 gift and there are no immediate family members involved? Why doesn’t she just have a pay pal account for the darn party. I digress. To answer your question, I think candles are pretty harmless in this case. Candles don’t exactly look cheap but can run in affordable prices ($10). You can also go to a big box store or grocery store and get one of those pamper kits. You know, the ones with foot cream, a scrubber and maybe a lotion. Or you can get a mani-pedi pamper set.  Another idea: a book on sale. Find the clearance section at the book store and get to searching. Stay clear of controversial topics and opt for books that deal with positivity or entertaining. I found a hardback title once for $6, when it was originally $22.  I just got another gift idea: pies! Denny’s has  apple, pecan and pumpkin pies from $7 to $10.  I haven’t tried them out, but it’s an idea.  I’m  a big fan of Godiva chocolate, which has $6 boxes. I think giving something sweet makes people forget about the cost. :)

Please let me know how it goes!

Readers: Do you have any affordable gift ideas? Please leave below!

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