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Kelis wins $51,000 in support from Nas

by frugalista on December 11, 2009

It looks like Kelis Rogers isn’t “Caught Out There” in terms of her pending divorce.  The “Bossy” singer won $51,101 per month support from her soon-to-be-ex husband and my favorite rapper Nas. The support is for Kelis and their infant son, Knight.

According to the AP article,  Kelis recently signed a $175,000 music contract.  Both Kelis and Nas are having some tax concerns; she hasn’t filed a return in years and he owes millions to the IRS, according to the article.

I really hate that this couple couldn’t work it out.

Should Kelis get $51,101 for support?  Will Nas be in financial harm? Should he start releasing more records? What do you think about alimony? Is marriage a way to financial stability?

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