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New Year’s Eve

by frugalista on December 30, 2009

So are you guys going out for New Year’s Eve? I have a few options, so maybe you can help me decide. Left to my own devices I may become wayward and who would be left to blog for you?

1) Go to Club Bed. One of my BFF’s has a hook up there and put our name on the list. Now, New Year’s Eve hook ups never seem stable, but the guy my friend has a hook up with has come through for us before.
2) Stay home. I am perfectly content to be in my place for New Year’s Eve. Less gas and it’s peaceful.
3) Go to a $50 party in someone’s backyard. There’s an attorney down here who charges to party in his backyard. Yes, I’m not kidding. Now, the guy normally has LOTS of food and drinks. We even get champagne. The crowd is nice, if not familiar. I just don’t want to spend $50 in a backyard. It’s a nice backyard, though, but it’s a bit chilly.
4) A Washington, D.C. promoter is throwing a bash down here that starts at $50. But you know all that gets you is entry to the club. No food or drinks. He has table specials into the $1,500, I do not have a record deal, so I won’t partake.

Where are you going? Where am I going?

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