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Should Tiger Woods lose his endorsement deals?

by frugalista on December 9, 2009

Gracious! Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you know about all of the drama with golfer Tiger Woods and his alleged infidelity. I swear, every other cocktail waitress in the land has nabbed media coverage detailing alleged romps with the golf superhero. I mean, it’s become a cottage industry getting paid to sing like a canary to tabloids about allegedly sexing a married man. I pray cocktail waitresses get organized and start a union with tell-all rates. I digress.

The golfer, who’s practically worth the GDP of an industrialized nation, has lost his  Gatorade Tiger Focus drink since his tragic car accident at his Florida mansion. PepsiCo said the drink was going to be dropped-even before Tiger’s domestic troubles. Oh-kay.

I’m wondering, though, is that right? He’s still a great golfer, no? Now, he’s losing cash left and right. I’m sure he has plenty of money in the bank. I mean, eating breakfast meals at Perkins does not make one a pauper.

If his wife leaves him, Tiger stands to have to pay at least $20 million and possibly into the $70 millions, according to reports.

Should money management include IMAGE management? The better the image, the more money you make? Should he lose his endorsements? Do you think the media brought him down? What do we need to do for our image or brand to make sure we keep our money!

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