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What if Santa Claus doesn’t listen?

by frugalista on December 14, 2009

giftWhat’s up, frugal-people-in-the-struggle? Please help me out.  I don’t ask for Christmas gifts anymore. I’m too long-in-the tooth for a Christmas list and I know in general, cash is not free flowing for many. So, my mother is a newfound techie and she wants to get me a camera for Christmas. My camera is  a brick.  It functions, but it’s a functioning brick.  For as much as I flounce about social media, I am pretty bad as a techie. I tend to hold on to my electronics way past the norm.  I just figure if it works, I’ll keep it. I just don’t really want  Mama Claus spending the money on a camera for me . The cost of the camera (cool pix) that I REALLY want, well, the money could go to more pressing issues.

Mama Claus loves giving gifts, especially ones that upgrade her youngest child (me.)  Her philosophy is to get me what she thinks I need. It’s a good one because she has good taste. But I must be truthful,  if Mama Claus wanted to break me off with cash, a grocery store gift card or a car tune up  instead of the camera, I wouldn’t protest. LOL

Worst problems to have right?

Should you get people what you want them to have or what they need? Are we too old for Christmas?  Should I just be thankful that I am getting a gift this year? Do you ever wish you could tell people what you need and get it?

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