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Club offers free drinks based on bra size

by frugalista on January 19, 2010

Beyonce Knowles Drunk_previewGracious! A club in Singapore says the bigger the boobies, the more free drinks you can get at the discotech.

Here’s how “Fill My Cups” night works at the club, according to the article:
A woman with an A cup would get one free drink, a B cup would get two, a C cup would get three, and a woman with a D cup gets a free bottle of vodka.

By the criteria, I would get a free bottle of vodka, at least! Yay for Booze for Boobs! Vodka is like $200 per bottle. Quite honestly, the club should give me a bottle plus a shot of patron. I’m ample up top and I could use a hook up! It’s hard out here for a heavy-chested girl. Finding a good bra is an expedition! I digress.

How many drinks could you get, according to the club promotion? Is this promotion sexist? Anyone up for travel to Singapore? Just jokes. xo

Thanks, Vanzetta, for the tip!

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