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Donate to Port-au-Prince Haiti

by frugalista on January 14, 2010

haiti-flag11This week’s earthquake in Haiti is bothering me. After living several years in South Florida, I have Haitian friends who are now looking for or are worried about their family in the country. There are still tremors, so my journalist friends from the Miami Herald feel more comfortable sleeping in the street than in hotels while on assignment. This is atrocious. The church that I attend (sporadically) has had a long time relationship with Haiti.

Anyway, I wanted to share a list of places where you can donate. This is my personal list that I’ve gotten from either friends or charities that I’ve covered as a journalist. There are many scams out there and I would hate for anyone to be taken advantage of.

Frugalista’s Help Haiti List
1) Food for the Poor: I’ve covered this charity as a journalist. The charity is good at getting good rates to food to help the needy. Food for the Poor is active in Haiti.
2) Cross International, is collecting funds for Haiti. It is Christian-based.
3)The Miami Herald has a comprehensive list of places where you can help. The list included religious and non-religious charities.
4)Google has set up a page where you can donate to Unicef and CARE directly.
5) Red Cross is taking donations via text messages. Text the word HAITI to the number 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. The charge shows up on your phone bill.
6) You can also donate to CARE at its site, not just through the Google page.
7) If you find out about a charity helping Haitian earthquake victims, here is a list of watchdog groups you can check to see if it’s legit.

Are you donating to Haiti? Which charity? Do you know anyone with ties to Haiti?

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