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New Year’s Goals

by frugalista on January 1, 2010

Good morning and Happy New Year! What are your resolutions? I don’t really have any resolutions…more like goals. Goals sound less restricting to me.

1) Launch or relaunch a web product. Since 2007, I’ve launched something on the web. It’s addicting. Some people run marathons. I launch on the web. Cost: $500-$1,000.
2) Finish writing my book. It is among the most daunting of tasks. It has to get done because I have too much invested…and a contract. Yep. Cost: Have to return advance if it doesn’t get done.
3) Save aggressively for retirement. Since the Great Recession, my retirement savings has not been a priority. That must stop. I will not be a Wal-Mart greeter at 100. Cost: About 10 percent of earnings, but it’s really an investment
4) Look good everyday. Do you ever see a woman and marvel at how well put together she looks? It’s a worthwhile goal. I want to be visually stimulating. It’s not about being overdone, but enticing. Keep the fab in fabulous (while maintaining a budget). Cost: Hmmm, we’ll see!
5) Set a schedule. I am one of those people who may send you an email at 3 a.m or decide to write “when it hits me.” That’s not good. I need a blogging schedule, a cleaning schedule, a cooking schedule, a grooming schedule and a social media schedule. I am such a free spirit, but my life needs some more order. Acting like a flower child will not pay your bills. I bought a 2010 planner for $3. Best investment ever!

What are your goals?

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