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Tallest Building in the World

by frugalista on January 4, 2010

burj-dubai-worlds-tallestSo Dubai has opened the tallest building in the world, the 160-story Burj Dubai. I must admit, I was enchanted by Dubai’s lavish spending, but it has come at a cost. The place is in financial ruins. The Burj Dubai is estimated to cost $1.5 billion to build.

As a Chicago native, I was always a bit saddened to think of Dubai’s new building eclipsing the Sears Tower, Willis Tower.

In light of Dubai’s economic crisis, I think this building may highlight where some of the spending may have gone awry. Whether it’s a home or world’s tallest building, you have to buy/develop what you can afford.

Do you think the Burj Dubai is the reason why Dubai is struggling financially? What do you think of Dubai? Do you want to visit? How much should we save up? :) Shouts out to Style Mom for sparking the conversation on twitter!

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