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Whole Foods “Health” Discounts

by frugalista on January 28, 2010

Whole Foods has a voluntary program giving employees bigger discounts if they have the right body mass index, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Employees could earn an additional 10 percent off groceries (30 percent) if they are closer to an ideal weight for their height. Wow.

I have written in the past about states trying to put extra health care costs on their heavier employees.
Is there a great weight debate going on in modern companies?

I am all for Weight Watchers at work. I’m all for the work place having a gym or company softball team. However, a program where people who are healthier get an extra 10 percent off seems like it needs more discussion. Some people just naturally have crap cholesterol levels.

I could see all the 30-percent discount employees (the healthies) getting tired of all their friends (bad bodies) hitting them up for the “hook up” on arugula. Will there be a divide at work between the “healthies” and the “bad bodies”, like the sharks and the jets? in West Side Story?

What do you think of Whole Foods’ new program? Is it motivational? Is it shady? Is it an OK program because it’s optional? Would you do it if you worked at Whole Foods? I bet you would if you had a hot body. Thirty percent off is nothing to sneeze at.

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