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Birthday Feast!

by frugalista on February 23, 2010

Ok, so I lied. I didn’t make my chicken stir fry last night. I had every intention but my birthday is today so I wanted to treat myself early. I made my shrimp and cheese grits meal. YUMMY! I make mine mine similar to the link I just provided, but minus the bacon and scaled down to single girl size/proportion. Also, I use a Monterey Jack and cheddar blend cheese that I buy generic from Publix. Also, I used portobello mushrooms because they were on sale and cheaper than regular mushrooms. Frugalista power!

Anyway, the meal was great and I am so glad that I cooked it. Cooking at home can make one rather smug and satisfied. I would have taken a picture but I ate it so quickly…The camera wasn’t quick enough. *Burp*

Anyway, I’m just reflecting on my year and feeling thankful for another year. Last year I celebrated my birthday with Betty Nguyen and CNN. I was doing No-Buy Month, where I didn’t spend any extra money, no shopping, dining out, or getting my hair or nails professionally done!

This year, I am celebrating, well basically with you all! And I am content. :) Everyone asks me why do I spend my birthdays doing these challenges such as No-Buy Month or Dine-In Week. I do it because it stops me from going overboard spending money on one day! Believe me, even if I cook lobster tonight for dinner, it would be cheaper than my friends and I running wild on South Beach just because it’s my birthday.

So, what’s on your plate? Let’s keep Dine-In Week going! Is it time to pull out the crock pot? I’m thinking so!

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