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Dine-In Week!

by frugalista on February 22, 2010

Yay! It’s here! From today until Friday we are going to be great Frugalistas and cook every day! It’s Dine-In Week! No more take-out! No more fast food! We need to have something baking, boiling, broiling and hopefully not burning in the kitchen this week!

Here’s my Monday menu:

Breakfast: Apple, Green Tea (using Agave sweetener) and toast.

Lunch: I’m bringing my lunch to work. My lunch is leftover chicken thighs and spinach that I have frozen in my refrigerator. It’s about time that I use them. They are doing me no good staying frozen. Do you ever freeze your food and then forget to eat it? Yes, this week, you can thaw out the ice blocks. :)

Dinner: Chicken stir fry. Cutting up raw chicken tenderloins from the grocery store and stir frying it in my wok with green pepper, half an onion diced, pinch of garlic, I’m seasoning the stir fry with House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy stir fry sauce. I put in just enough to coat the stir fry lightly. I don’t saturate it.

I’m serving the stir fry over brown rice. Nom nom!

So what’s on your plate? If you are joining in, let me know!

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