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Dine-in Week

by frugalista on February 15, 2010

Hey Frugalistas! How are you? I’m in the mood for a challenge. How are you? I want to work on my culinary skills. If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you would know that I only really started cooking over the last two years. Yes, so sad. So anyway, food is one of the biggest expenses and dining out can be fun, but not the best for your wallet or your health.

So next week, from Feb. 22 to 26th, I’m going to be cooking like a Top Chef (work with me). So, join me in cooking at home the week of Feb. 22. C’Mon. I say this week, you should tally how much you spend on eating out and groceries and then after the Dine-In Week, we can tally up to see if you saved any moolah.

I’m going to post some recipes that I’ve found and try them out. I hope you share some recipes with me, too.

Are you with me? I sure hope so. Cooking at home for five days shouldn’t be THAT hard. I must tell you, on one of the days of the Dine-In Week is my birthday. This is stopping me from spending my rent money at Rosa Mexicano. Love that place.

Do you cook at home?

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