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What health care reform means for you

by frugalista on March 22, 2010

Ok, like wow. I am still surprised that the health care reform bill got passed. The debate was so intense between the Democrats and Republicans. And here we are, with it approved in Congress.

Here are some links explaining what it means for you and your money:

1) Washingtonpost.com has an awesome interactive graphic that lets your plug in your information to see how health care reform impacts you. Yay newspapers! :)

2) 10 immediate benefits of health care reform.

3) How some health care premiums may change.

4) Information on the student loan reform vote that piggy backed on the health reform bill and passed in the House.

Whew! So what do you think? Yay for nay for health care reform? Do you have health care? What about student loans?

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