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Health care waste

by frugalista on March 5, 2010

CNN had a haunting story on air about bloated health care charges on patients.

CNN interviewed Cindy Holtzman, a consumer advocate, who looks at medical bills for a living. Here are some of the excessive charges that CNN and Holtzman spotlighted:

*A patient billed $140 for one Tylenol pill
*$4,000 for 41 bags of saline when the patient only used one bag.
*$A patient billed $1,000 for a toothbrush

This is atrocious. How could the prices be so bloated? If we don’t check our medical statements, everyone loses except for the people doing the billing. Health care is a hot topic these days. However, no matter what your philosophy on the debate, I think we all can agree that providers need to use better care when billing. Do you really think a toothbrush should cost $1,000?

I had a guest blogger last year to discuss the need to check your health care statements.
If you check your statements and see something strange, make some calls. It could save you thousands!

Have you ever been overcharged for medical help? Do you check your billing statements?

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