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Paper bags are evil?

by frugalista on March 2, 2010

OMG! I ran across this post saying that paper bags are just as bad to use as plastic bags.

Now, I always knew that it was better for the environment to use reusable bags. Also, it’s less costly for businesses. However, I didn’t know that paper bags were so shady. .

From the :
*The production of a paper bag consumes 1 gallon of water (yep, per bag) equating to 50 times that of plastic bags

14 million trees are cut to make paper bags.

*Toxic chemicals used in making paper bags contributes to acid rain and water pollution.

I’ll never look at a paper bag the same again. I knew it was wasteful to use them, but I always thought they were more noble than plastic.

I say bring your own reusable bag to the stores. It’s better for the environment and saves resources.

Paper or plastic for you? Reusable bags?

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