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Save money on your food bill

by frugalista on March 1, 2010

Hey Everyone! How was Dine-In Week for you? I loved it because I saved money, which is a Frugalista’s dream. Forgive me for not posting more but I had a crazy busy week last week that seems to be extending into this one. Ack!

Anyhow, I loved Dine-In Week. I practically ate myself out of house and home. All those meals I had frozen to eat later, well, I finally ate them. *burp* Also, the days that I cooked, I always had left overs for lunch the next day. Last night I made Acapulco chicken. Loved it.

How much did I save? From the week before, where I misbehaved and ate out WAY too much, $36. Yay! (That was my wallet cheering.)

At last week’s #dealchat on twitter, some of the tweeps had some really good tips for saving money on groceries. Here are a few: helps you figure out what to cook with whatever ingredients you have in the kitchen. -Submitted by @courtney_el delivers groceries at a great price -Submitted by @JLHadley who is with groupon.

Everyone said stick to a grocery list when shopping. I agree.

Also, everyone seemed to be a fan of Aldi’s and Meijer’s for discount groceries.

Follow @dealchat and @frugalista for saving tips and real-time fun.

What are your tips to save money on your food bills? How did Dine-In Week work for you? Don’t you love how I make up these weird holidays? Should I work for the greeting card industry?

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