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The Red Pump Project

by frugalista on March 10, 2010

Red Pump WidgetHello, my Frugalistas! Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It’s time for us to take action on the impact of the virus on women and to remind everyone to get tested for HIV.

Every 35 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with HIV. One in four Americans living with HIV is a woman! AIDS is now the leading cause of death for Black women ages 25 to 34. I am in that age and race demographic. Frugalistas, I am NOT happy about those numbers. Ladies, we have to take care of ourselves.

I was asked by one of the funniest bloggers I know, Luvvie to support her serious cause, The Red Pump Project. The project supports HIV/AIDS awareness and today she wants all of us bloggers to rock red pumps in support of National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day. I’ve seen Luvvie at blogging conferences rocking fierce red heels while the rest of us are in comfortable flats. People ask her where she gets her sexy red heels and she tells them about her HIV awareness project and why she rocks the red heels. Let’s keep the conversations going.

As Frugalistas, there is no reason for us not be more aware of HIV prevention and our own personal status. Don’t be scared to get tested for HIV. I have done it. If the results are negative, like mine, you have peace of mind. If the results are positive, you will be able to get health services sooner rather than later so you can live as healthy as possible.


*HIV medicine is rather costly, ranging from $200 to $1,200.

*A 2006 estimate says that over a lifetime, caring for HIV can add 24 years onto your life at $2,100 per month.

*To find out free HIV testing centers in your area, check out

*Washington, D.C. is handing out free female condoms.

*If you are in New York, here is a list of places to get free condoms.

*College Frugalistas almost always can get free condoms at the student health centers.

Ok, so let’s take of ourselves, Frugalistas. You matter!

Do you know anyone living with HIV? Do know your status? Are you surprised by the statistics? Are condoms frugal?

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