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Carnivore Cocktails

by frugalista on April 16, 2010

All of the rage about town are cocktails garnished with meat.
Time magazine had an article about a Las Vegas eatery, Sirio Ristorante that has a vodka drink with beef bouillon for $14.

Hmm, $14 for a protein and alcoholic beverage. In the pre-frugalista days, I spent more than that on a simple drink with no nutritional value.

Could it be that mixing your alcohol and meat is a way to save money? A two-for-one dining experience? It seems a bit gross to mix my swine and wine but you never know.

Here is a list of “meatail” recipes.

Could you do it? Could you drink a beverage with meat inside? Is it a buzz kill? Is it a Frugalista’s dream?

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