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How far can $10 take you?

by frugalista on April 19, 2010

So, has an awesome article on how far $10 can take you across the world. I know $10 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s more than nothing.

In Connecticut, it will get you two submarine sandwiches. In Wisconsin, it will get you eight seed packets. In the Philippines, $10 will get you two days worth of groceries, according to the article. I’m moving!

After reading the article, I decided to do my own experiment. What would $10 buy me in Miami?
Well, in Miami, $10 can get you a polish change at a nail salon. I can also drive 10 times on the Florida’s Turnpike, making my commute much shorter. I know a spa that does $10 eye brow waxes. I can also buy a Thai chicken basil lunch for $9.80.

Not so shabby, right?

What can you buy with $10?

Thanks, Jessica, for the tip!

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