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Spirit Airlines Charging Carry On Fee

by frugalista on April 7, 2010

Starting Aug. 1 Spirit will charge up to $45 each way for carry on items that have to be stored in the overhead bin. Purses and laptops are ok because they can slide underneath the seat.
Are you serious? It’s over between me and Spirit Airlines. I’ve taken Spirit Airlines quite a few times, and in fact, I have a free ticket coming from them because they were so late on a flight. Another time, they lost my luggage. If you pay for your carry on luggage online, it’s $30. If you pay for it at the airport, it’s $45. It’s not even like it’s a premiere airline and they are starting with this foolishness? Get over yourself, Spiritl

Guess who will not take Spirit anymore? I think they are no friend to frugalistas. Fee mongers!

What do you think about the fee? It’s absurd, to me. Yes, I said it.

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