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Frugalistas are taking over!

by frugalista on May 11, 2010

Frugalistas, we are changing the conversation!
From a Wall Street Journal article about a new Citigroup-sponsored survey conducted by Hart Research and Associates:
Even as their outlooks on the economy are brightening and their own finances beginning to improve, women ages 18 to 39 are increasing their savings, paying off debt and catching up with overdue bills in a larger proportion than those over 40 years old, according to the survey released Tuesday.

Uh, yeah! I think they’ve been reading this blog! Frugalistas are all about handling business and looking good while doing it. I’ve been a good little camper, paying down my debt monster and learning what a savings account looks like. All it takes it the determination to do it, and it gets done. You can change any situation around with the support of friends (like you), determination and the right information. Three hours a week on your finances and you are well on your way to fabulous financial living. Well, that and joining on my weekly #dealchat at 8 p.m. est on Wednesdays on Twitter.

I digress.

So, how has your saving, debt reduction been going? Is it easier? Harder? I’m still hanging in there with, personal finance website. I pray I stay in budget this month!

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