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50 healthy foods for under $1 a pound

by frugalista on June 22, 2010

Uber penny pincher, Jeff Yeager, has an article on healthy foods for under $1 a pound. Gracious.

Here are some of Jeff’s recommendations:

Apples – One a day keeps the cheapskate away.
Asparagus – HUGE store special at 99 cents a pound during Easter week. I bought 10 pounds, blanched it, and then froze it.
Bananas – Potassium for pennies.
Barley – A tasty alternative to rice and potatoes.
Beans – Canned or dried. Kidney, pinto, navy, black, red, and many more.
Bok choy – Steam and serve with a little soy sauce.
Broccoli – Yes, a store special. Usually closer to $2 per pound.
Bulgar wheat – Try it in pilaf or a tabouleh salad.
Cabbage – Green and red. I like mine fried.
Cantaloupe – No, sorry, I can’t; I’m already married.
Carrots – Raw or steamed. Rich in carotenes, a healthy antioxidant.
Celery – Stir-fry it for a change.
Chicken – Whole or various parts, on sale.
Chickpeas – AKA garbanzo beans — mash ’em up as a healthy sandwich spread.
Cornmeal – “Polenta” is all the rage these days, but I loved it 40 years ago when Mom called it “cornmeal mush.”

Hmm. He makes some points. I’ve tried bok choy. Not too shabby. What do you eat that’s less than $1 per pound?

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