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Social Shopping

by frugalista on June 25, 2010

Has anyone else noticed a lot more social shopping websites? I think it’s a good thing because I love talking to other people about products and doing things in a group.

Here are a few new shopping sites:

Smartshoppersunite: Shameless plug: I have a business relationship with this site. I blog for them and I know the community is full of awesome folks. This site is good to chat about everything under the sun. You don’t go there to purchase an item. It’s more about sharing ways to save money and sharing good deals that we’ve found.

Zavee: For South Floridians, Zavee is a site that focuses on local retailers. You can earn cash back rewards from local merchants after shopping on the site.

Groupon: Groupon is more collective bargaining, but it’s still social. Everyday, the site features a deal in a city. If enough people purchase the deal, then it’s official.

Living Social is a site that has daily deals in your city, also. Act quickly. If you get three other people to purchase a deal that you buy, your deal is free.

Have you noticed a lot of social shopping sites? What do you think? Is it too much? Is sharing caring?

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