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Is Queen Elizabeth a Frugalista?

by frugalista on July 7, 2010

Could it be… that her majesty is a Frugalista?
From the Seer Press:
According to the financial statement for the household, Queen Elizabeth II took less charter flights this year causing the drop in her annual spending. Also, she had sold her old helicopter so that she could reimburse a significantly fair amount of money from the government. Furthermore, her annual spending has dropped by 17 percent since 2001, as added by the palace.

From the Washington Post:
Though she remains one of the wealthiest women in the world by the grace of inherited estates, masterpieces of art and magnificent jewels, the queen is also famously frugal.
“She is said to wander the halls of Buckingham Palace at night, turning off lights,” said Robert Lacey, the well-known royal biographer. “Yes, she is a person of enormous wealth, but she does not waste money or spend it loosely.”

Turning off the lights? She’s eco-friendly and frugal! Or, do you think she’s trying to stop an economic crisis from hitting England? There’s a bit of a backlash over there. Some people say that the monarchy it too expensive. We need for Europe to be stable and sound! No one wants another Greece situation!

Do you like Queen Elizabeth? Do you think she’s truly a Frugalista? She was a fox in her day, no?

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