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Guest post: How I saved it!

by frugalista on August 10, 2010

Hi Frugs! This guest post is from a writer describing how he saved money on his car insurance! It’s part of my new series, “How I Saved It” at Enjoy! xo Natalie

How I Saved It by Chris Stevens.

As I’ve designated August “Get It Together” month, one major part of my budget I looked to improve upon was my car insurance. Full disclosure, I drive what is known as a beater – a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville. Gets me where I need to go.

However, paying $175 to $180 a month for liability insurance really wasn’t good. I was with a smaller insurance company that had a deal with a big name company and I found through research that more often than not, it’s better to just go with the big company. I used the good old internet quotes system. Geico was the cheapest BY FAR, so that’s who I went with by default. I switched from Nationwide to Geico.

And it’s true – 15 minutes can save you some money on your car insurance. Although I’m still waiting for my lone speeding ticket and fender bender in life to come off my license, I still managed to save $42 a month by switching to a similar liability plan with Geico than I had with Company X/Nationwide. Imagine what I’d be saving if my record was spotless?

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, when attempting to save on car insurance and still maintain proper coverage for your vehicle, results may vary. So I suggest doing due diligence in seeking out online quotes, talking with insurance representatives over the phone or in person.

Surprisingly, insurance companies sometimes offer deals and incentives that can drastically reduce your rates, and I can’t stress defensive driving courses enough. They may seem boring and a complete waste of time, but they can also remove 15 percent from your overall insurance bill. I speak from experience.

Natalie here! I think we all can do a little car insurance shopping. I’ve been with the same company since age 16. Does it deserve my loyalty? I’m not convinced! Maybe it’s time I become more loyal to my wallet!

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