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New series: How I Saved It!

by frugalista on August 3, 2010

Hey Frugs! Suze Orman has “Can I afford it?” I’m starting at “How I Saved It.” I get a lot of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from people telling me about a great deal they got on an item or how they cut back expenses. I love hearing everyone’s stories, so I want to share them with ALL of my readers.

Here’s how it will work: If you found a way to cut expenses or got something on super sale, or even negotiated a better rate with your financial institutions, send an email to In the email, tell me what you did to save the money, how it made you feel (great) and how others can do it, too. I want to know how you saved it! I will run your “How I Saved It” as a guest blog on my site. It will be an occasional series at my discretion.

I have a really cool “How I Saved It” guest blog post from my friend, Chris, that I will share with you this week. It’s GOOD!

What do you think about this?

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